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Award Winning Hair Stylist Ensures Hair Perfection

Salon Efficacy offers a cozy salon environment in Hamilton, Ontario, where clients will be taken care of by an award-winning stylist. With years of experience working with all hair types, even unruly ones, we ensure your hair is maintained and styled to perfection.

Client Consultation for Optimum Results

During a free consultation, we evaluate the unique needs of every client. During this time, we take into account important aspects such as facial structure, hair type and lifestyle. Our Clients love our professional service and amazing end results.

Styling Beautiful Hair for Over 25 Years

Claudette, Salon Efficacy's award-winning stylist has been working in cosmetology for over 25 years, specializing in curly hair. Although curly hair has over 23 different textures, Claudette understands the challenges and works hard to encourage, educate and empower clients to care for their unique hair type. We have, and continue to be, the last stop for many people seeking a salon they can trust.

A Loyal Clientele

Cosmetology is Claudette’s passion and her loyal clients recognize that energy reflects in the results.

"I love everything about it but mostly seeing the smile on the customer’s face... you can't do this kind of work for over 25 years and not be passionate!" -Claudette

She has many regulars who have followed her from the start, even when she moved from the former location in Burlington to the current one in Hamilton.

“My over all impression is that Salon Efficacy is a very good salon, shows a lot of sophistication and experience.” 


Continuing Hair & Beauty Education

Claudette continues to hone her skills by regularly attending professional hair shows, such as Schwarzkopf and Ashtae, bringing to her chair the latest in cuts, colour, hair extensions and more. Salon Efficacy continues to perform with integrity, bringing clients the results they envisioned.

We employ the finest professional products. Our favourite brands include: Schwarzkopf Salon Finish, Ashtae and Moroccan Oil.

Contact Us

Salon Efficacy welcomes you to book your consultation/appointment, with our no wait guarantee. It's our pleasure. 

Awards and Achievements

• SIFA Award for Creative Weave & SIFA Award for Colour

           Salon Efficacy, Ontario, Hamilton   Salon Efficacy, Ontario, Hamilton   Salon Efficacy, Ontario, Hamilton   Salon Efficacy, Ontario, Hamilton

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